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Learn to see by observing the still life.

Gabriel Mark Lipper’s Fine Art and Oil Painting Classes for 2013 The New Year is a perfect time to start from the top.  This term, we will be sharpening our artistic tools and readying ourselves for an exciting year of artistic exploration.  This term will be spent drawing and painting still lifes.  Nothing hones our [...]

Late Night with Gabriel Mark Lipper

Gabriel's next session starts on Thursday night, June 14th Deconstructing the Model, Painting from Life, and Inventing Color! The first two weeks will be spent rigorously studying our subject, finding form, color, and value.  This is the jumping off point.  Next, we let our minds compose and create the next six paintings using only our [...]

Class Starts May 11th! 4-Nudes 8-Weeks

SPRING Friday Art Class Starts May 11th 4 Nudes 8 Weeks This session we will be spent testing our painting metal, and learning to trust our intuition.  Working for two weeks with each of our 4 models, we will compose our paintings through a couple of quick thumbnails, and dive into the business of painting.  [...]

Friday Art Class – Refining the Gesture, Painting the Nude

New Friday & Thursday art class in Ashland, Oregon

Friday Art Class – 8 PAINTINGS, 8 WEEKS

Gabriel's next 8-week session to start on Friday, May 6th, 2011 This session will focus on _the spring still life_.  Working with fresh fruits, flowers, and vegetables, we will each construct simple still lifes. Each still life will be drawn and painted within the three hour session. The focus will be on shaking off some [...]

Friday Art Class – The Art of the Portrait

Gabriel's next 8-week session to start on Friday, March 4th, 2011 This session will focus on the Art of the Portrait.  Working from references we will be exploring the construction of the face, with emphasis on form and values. Be ready to paint on the first day with a canvas or board in any size [...]

New Year Friday Art Class

This session will focus on the art of the portrait. The session will consist of two classes of construction drawing and six classes of painting the portrait, with focus on construction of the facial anatomy, facial plains and values.


New sketchbook drawings from sketchbooks old and new now being posted weekly at

Winter Friday Art Class – SPECIAL PRICE!

Gabriel's Winter Friday art class starts Friday Nov. 5th at 9:00am. This Session will focus on Sargent's five types of light and the limited color palette.

International Artist

Gabriel Mark Lipper was chosen as a finalist in the current issue of International Artist Magazine.