Gabriel Mark Lipper Fine Art

Choose Your Own Adventure!!!

Gabriel’s next session to start on Friday, September 12th.
This is the term set aside to tackle unfinished business. If you’ve spent much time painting, there comes the inevitable moment, when you’ve found yourself stuck. Sometimes, all that’s required to overcome this obstacle is a snack, but I’m willing to bet that in many cases, this has led to the abandonment of a very promising painting. Well no more!! Let’s unearth those gems and finish our masterpieces. This term we focus on getting unstuck. Each of us will have our own set of artistic troubles to struggle through. Is there something wrong with the drawing? Are the colors not singing in harmony? Is the whole composition off? Did I forget to finish the foot? Claw your way out of the quagmire! I’m here to help. Sign up & paint tuff.
Class Info.
Dates: Sept. 12th – Oct. 31st
Fridays from 9:00am – Noon
Cost: $290
Location: Talent Studios – Talent, OR