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Learning to See

Learning to See
Get this free Learning to See pdf. It provides powerful art tips that I’ve developed over the last 20 years. They have transformed the way I paint… and I hope that they can work for you, too.

Gabriel Mark Lipper

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Here are just a few of the many amazing responses to the Learning to See Workshop!  Artists at every level are finding their voice and their community. 

Studio Tips from Gabriel Lipper

I want to share some quick tips as I create in the studio. At least this is what I like to do. It’s easy to lose perspective and forget to check in with our process. Make sure you know where you’re at!

Here are a couple of excerpts from a project I’m working on discussing concepts that have really brought energy and vitality to my work.  I like to let bits of random brushwork come through in my final images.  I love pushing my paintings beyond the obvious.  How do we create mood without using a narrative […]