Gabriel Mark Lipper

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Gabriel Mark Lipper

Gabriel Mark Lipper’s current paintings explore themes of energy, wealth, and ambition. His images ask open-ended questions about the viewers’ relationship to the painted narratives.


Academic Drawing - from contour to construction - 8 week class

Revisiting how we see through drawing.
Learning to See
My next 8-week course starts this Friday, Oct. 5th.
We will be engaged in the practice of academic drawing. Drawing is the foundation and framework for all great representational painting. Without a strong understanding of drawing our paintings tend to feel flimsy, naive, and off.

Abstracting the Figure

Using classical approaches of contour and construction drawing, we will begin by making preparatory studies for the paintings to come. We’ve all seen paintings of a nude standing, or a model sitting on a stool. How do we turn these studies into dynamic paintings that go beyond the academic cliché? This term is about taking our painting beyond the reference and making them our own. By binding the classical techniques of draftsmanship with strong design we will untether ourselves from the limitations of painting only what we see in front of us.

Plein Air Workshop July 13-15

Landscape workshop July 13-15 featuring stunning hilltop views of orchards, vineyards, and a pirate ship just outside Ashland, Oregon!