8paint Learning to See

Testimonials for Learning to See

Here are just a few of the many amazing responses to the Learning to See Workshop!  Artists at every level are finding their voice and their community. 
Studio Tips from Gabriel Lipper

Studio Tips

I want to share some quick tips as I create in the studio. At least this is what I like to do. It's easy to lose perspective and forget to check in with our process. Make sure you know where you're at!

The Angry Pear

Here are a couple of excerpts from a project I'm working on discussing concepts that have really brought energy and vitality to my work.  I like to let bits of random brushwork come through in my final images.  I love pushing my paintings…

Excerpts from the Enclāve

I thought it might be fun to start blogging every once in a while since we're all pretty much hunkered down.  Tune in for tips, thoughts, and general ramblings from the studio. In this episode, I break down how I put different colors…
Morrow Collective SIX x SIX
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Marrow Collective Show – SIX x SIX

I'm proud to included as part of this SIX x SIX show. My hope is that art lovers will be able to own original piece of my work and participate in this energized and growing artistic community.
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Come Join me for Summer Workshops

I am so excited to visit these amazing locations and to have the opportunity to share my 20+ years of painting and teaching experience with you.  It’s a great way to solidify the time for our artistic practice, to keep it sacred, and to continue to grow. You can learn more about these workshops here: https://artofgabriel.com/store/ 
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Enclave Studios Spring Exhibition

Enclave Studios Spring Exhibition June 7th from 5-8pm Ashland, OR
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Are you interested in making better art this year?   You have an opportunity to enroll in the 3 month online "Creative Visionary Program" today, May 8th until 11:59 pm. This program is suitable only for those wishing to go much deeper…
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Marrow Collective Show – Progress2019

PROGRESS2019 is a community-based art exhibition featuring a diverse group of artists working to transform an untraditional space into a pop-up art event. Friday, April 19: ARTIST RECEPTION 6pm - 10pm Meet the artists behind Marrow Collectives…
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Whidbey Island painting workshop – a few spots left

August Whidbey Island painting workshop – SOLD OUT