Pilons Lunch

Gabriel’s next session to start on Friday, November 5th.

This Session will focus on Sargent’s five types of light and the limited color palette.  Please be prepared with and 3-5 photo references for Gabriel  to review for use in your own portrait painting, or continue on with you painting you have been working on in class.  Photo references should be head-shots, (exciting ones that you will want to paint), (chest up) to be used for bust portraiture.  The last half of the class you will be working on small still life’s approximately 3 – 4″ x 6″ paintings per class.

Color pallets to consider before next session:

Primary Color Palettes
Transparent red oxide, yellow ocher, or raw sienna, & ultra marine blue.
Vermilion, fire red, or cad. red light, yellow ocher (cad yellow light), & black.

Carolus Duran’s Palette (Sargent’s Teacher)
Black, emerald green, raw umber, cobalt blue, carmine lake, light red, yellow ocher.
Pre Mix – 2 values of: Light red & white. Cobalt blue & white. Black & raw umber.

Northwest Landscape Palette
Burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, & lemon yellow.

Class Info.

Dates: Nov. 5th – Dec. 17th
Fridays from 9:00am – Noon
Cost: $255 + $15 model fee
Location: Talent Studios – Talent, OR

To sign-up email: