Four Muses and Pegasus on Parnassus

(Painting by: Caesar Van Everdingen: Four Muses and Pegasus on Parnassus)

Gabriel’s next 8-week session to start on Friday, March 7th, 2014

The Grecian muses and goddesses have long been a source of inspiration many an artists.

Joins us for a live model photo shoot in Grecian dress with appropriate props for our next session.

First class will include a photo session and a few quick sketches.  Please bring your camera, sketch book and pencils for the first class. During the second class we will review photos and begin work on our studies. The last 6 classes will be spent painting from your photos and sketched references.
This will be a new and exciting class with interesting props and costumes that I am sure will inspire the muse in all of us.

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