My next 8-week course starting Aug. 3rd. will focus on Abstracting the Figure.

We will start this term off by making studies from models in the studio. Using classical approaches of contour and construction drawing, we will begin by making preparatory studies for the paintings to come. We’ve all seen paintings of a nude standing, or a model sitting on a stool. How do we turn these studies into dynamic paintings that go beyond the academic cliché? This term is about taking our painting beyond the reference and making them our own. By binding the classical techniques of draftsmanship with strong design we will untether ourselves from the limitations of painting only what we see in front of us. 

The first several weeks will be spent creating strong drawings and value studies that we will then expand into paintings. Great care will be given to making sure that all of the information needed for our finished paintings is recorded clearly and effectively from the models in the studio. We will be exploring the language of value and design. From these studies, the possibilities for creating great paintings are endless. For the first day of class, all you will need is a sketchbook, and or drawing pad, a kneaded eraser and a couple of pencils.

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