Fridays – March 15th – May 10th (No Class May 3rd)

Let’s Look at Things Differently.  The focus of this term will be on using color in a way that is both powerful and harmonious.  By shifting our perspective on how we see and use color just a bit, we can create scintillating pallets with rich and dynamic color while retaining a strong sense of sophistication and cohesion. Over the last couple of years, I have been developing a new approach to teaching ways of perceiving and using color in our work. Instead of memorizing color palettes and paint brand names, we will take a deep dive into the study of how all color functions. This will give us the freedom to explore and use color in a new and vibrant way.  Light and dark, cool and warm, saturated and neutral, once these principles are mastered, the power and effect of what we do with our color choices are limitless. It’s time to play.  Find your own artistic voice in the colors you choose.