August 25, 2013

Artist depicts horses, human drama

Short Work

Work by Ashlander Gabriel Mark Lipper will be on display at Hanson Howard Gallery through August


By Vickie Aldous

Ashland Daily Tidings

Posted: 2:00 AM August 24, 2013


Gabriel Mark Lipper sees horses as a means to explore human society.

The Ashland artist, who maintains a working studio in Talent, is showing masterfully done paintings of horses and people at Hanson Howard Gallery in Ashland through the end of this month.

June 24, 2011

This session we will be spent studying the dynamic nude.  Working from a live model, we will begin by distilling the models movements into the principle forms that make up the figure.  From these gestures, the class will refine the figure, observing the way cool and warm light play off the form.

The classes will begin with quick painted or drawn sketches and then move toward more finished studies wrapping the term up with several longer poses.

Be ready to use your paints boldly. Vivid color, strong contrast, dynamic compositions and an extra dose of passion will be required throughout the 8 week term.  Cost: $290 + Model fee

October 1, 2010

International Artist Magazine

International Artist Magazine Issue #75 Oct./Nov. 2010 – Page 8