Morrow Collective SIX x SIX
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Marrow Collective Show – SIX x SIX

I'm proud to included as part of this SIX x SIX show. My hope is that art lovers will be able to own original piece of my work and participate in this energized and growing artistic community.
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Marrow Collective Show – Progress2019

PROGRESS2019 is a community-based art exhibition featuring a diverse group of artists working to transform an untraditional space into a pop-up art event. Friday, April 19: ARTIST RECEPTION 6pm - 10pm Meet the artists behind Marrow Collectives…
Early Dawn -Gabriel Lipper
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Spring Enclave Studio Show

Spring Enclave Studio Show Saturday, May 5th from 5:00pm - 8:00pm featuring new works from Gabriel Lipper as well as other studio artist Inger Jorgensen, Cory Kahn, Nicole Wasgatt & Robyn Forsyth at the Enclave Studios located at 1661 Siskiyou…