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Marrow Collective Show – SIX x SIX

Morrow Collective SIX x SIX

SIX x SIX, an experimental pop-up art exhibition curated by Marrow Collective featuring 30 artists and well over 160 pieces.

Art of Gabriel - Evil Doer

• I’m proud to be included as part of the SIX x SIX show. My hope is that art lovers will be able to own an original piece of my work and participate in this energized and growing artistic community.

• Every piece will measure six inches by six inches and sell for $50 a piece. The goal is to level an otherwise expensive market, giving viewers a chance to own original work and giving great artists an opportunity to share.

Please join me on February 21, 2020 at the Morrow Collective!

This is a FREE event and all are welcome. There is an Early Bird at 5pm for $10. Early Bird is for those that want to beat the crowd, get in an hour early, meet the artists, and get first dibs on pieces, limited to 50 people.

Click here to visit the site and purchase tickets for the Early Bird:

Doors open to the pubic: 6pm. 
Morrow Collective
230 E Main St, Downtown Medford